It has been an adventure!

mapJust one month ago, struggling with visa delays, we had no idea if our entire project was in jeopardy. Today we have returned to Colorado, our minds saturated with amazing experiences from abroad. A month travelling around northern and central India has come to an end; and brought with it a lifetime of memories. What an adventure it has been!

Unknowing of what to was to come, we left the U.S. with open minds and a somewhat vague itinerary. Through the years we have always found that trusting our gut feelings, being impulsive, and letting the adventure lead the way normally works out in our favor. Arriving in India was mind-blowing; a seemingly endless array of vibrant colors, traffic from the worst of nightmares, the best and worst of smells, and swarms of people everywhere. Leaving the hustle of the big cities, we found the real treasures to be found in the countryside and off the beaten track.

IMG_4735During our time in this remarkable country, we experienced the beauty of the amazing wildlife, heartbreaking poverty, extreme pollution, stunning nature, towering mounds of trash, and everything in between. India consumes you from the second you arrive. From the critically endangered rhinos and tigers, ancient fortresses, IMG_4058stunning vistas and hazy skies, what will never leave our minds are the people. Being in India is a heartwarming experience where most will welcome you into their families and treat you like the best of friends. Not once did we feel unsafe or unwelcome. India’s endless list of issues, the main reason we visited to begin with, only stands a chance of being shortened with the help of these people. The will to live in a better, cleaner, and more organized country is there, but with a lack of government support and a path often clouded with ignorance of the ongoing perils, it will be a long and difficult journey.

IMG_4567Seeing the amount of development and cultivated land throughout the country was probably the most devastating part for both of us. As the hours pass riding the rails of India, you will for miles and miles only see farms and utter deforestation. More than a billion people demand a lot of space and too many resources. Of all the important and relevant conservation efforts in the world, “Nature Needs Half” is what it all boils down to. The animals are hugely important, but without the protection of the forest, our efforts to help them will be in vain.

en_logoNature Needs Half” is a science-based and common-sense vision of a relationship between people and nature that ensures enough natural areas of land and water are protected and interconnected – and of sufficient size and resiliency – to provide life-supporting ecosystem and biodiversity services that are essential to both human health and prosperity and a bountiful, beautiful legacy of wild nature.

Did we rid ourselves of some of our ignorance and actually get a better understanding of what is going on from this trip? Absolutely! There are endlessly deep, complex issues, not only in India, but anywhere in the world, and trying to understand it all is an impossible task. However, many small streams eventually lead to a main river. We feel humbled by this task to educate others on what we have learned, and blessed for the opportunity. The Quest 4 Understanding will continue as best we can.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

IMG_4005Our quest, photos and stories would be pointless without you! Your amazing support, comments, likes, and shares are what makes it all worthwhile. In the ongoing battle for conservation, it is crucial to understand the importance of everybody’s role; whether it be through photography and blogs, teachers in schools, spreading the word through conversation, or people dedicating their entire lives to protect our future, we all play a part.

We would like this opportunity to give our deepest thanks to our fans and followers, The Wild Foundation and of course PepPod for their generous help.

4 thoughts on “It has been an adventure!

  1. Philipp Moser

    awesome reports! stunning journey! like you say all little stream eventually become a river and everybody needs to do its part. We teach people why it is important to love the ocean and its complex ecosystem. It doesn’t matter where in this world you’re living, there is always things that can be done better, more efficiently or environmentally more friendly. The madness of self destruction that we’ve started needs to be stopped, there’s an urgent need to act now.
    So I say thank you for sharing this and keep fighting for what is right!

  2. Samuel Rolf

    It has been many years since I have visited India. You have captured the beauty that I remember and the now have seen the poverty that I can not forget. Thank you both for sharing this remarkable journey.


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