About Us


We met in 2004 in Thailand. Amy was attending school in Bangkok on a semester abroad and I, Martin, was escaping real world struggles, working as a Scuba Dive Instructor in the Gulf of Thailand. We quickly realized that our encounter was one to last. We moved to the Philippines for a year, living on a tiny, and very exotic, island called Malapascua. For a year we lived with no cars, very limited infrastructure, and our everyday life took place in a palm leaf thatched hut no larger than a king size bed. We enjoyed a simple life with the locals, and the next five years were spent living in Honduras and Zanzibar, Tanzania. During these years, we got to travel a lot, seeing the majority of Southeast Asia, Central America, as well as Eastern and Southern Africa. Our passion for travelling, wildlife, and photography seemed like it would never subside. Five years of living in paradise on the beach is sometimes harder than it would seem. We felt that it was time to return to the “real world” and finally ended up in sunny Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.. Amy now trains horses and works as a bartender in downtown Boulder. I am a corporate man, working for a large localization company as a project manager. Some days the beaches of Zanzibar and Thailand seem mighty far away.